It's true! You can now upgrade your Tesla Model S 60 kWh to 75 kWh for just $2,000 plus tax!

60 To 75 Upgrade For Just $2,205

60 To 75 Upgrade For Just $2,205

That's an unbeatable price of $133 per kWh (minus tax).

The electric car community was somewhat shocked yesterday when we reported that Tesla had slashed the upgrade price from ($10,000 or $6,500 - see quote below) to just $2,000. We did originally report it like this back when the price was $6,500:

“For a mere ~$6,500, buyers could choose to unlock the battery’s full potential at the point of purchase. After the fact, it would cost ~$10,000.”

Maybe it was a just a dream? Nope...

As you'll see in the video, the upgrade from 60 to 75 kWh is officially $2,000. Taxes will vary (we think), but when tacked on to this order, the grand total rings in at $2,205.

That's one heck of a deal for the added range that access to those additional 15 kWhs provide.

Range should improve by 40 miles or so, according to the chart found here.

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