The Tesla Model S P100D typically dominates the drag race scene, especially the 1/8- and 1/4-mile, but it's not often we see the P100D pitted against a car with approximately 1,000 HP.

That's the case here as the Model S P100D lines it up against a modded Toyota Supra with a claimed 1,000 HP.

DragTimes tries to even the event out by performing two races (technically 3), one from a standstill and the other from a rolling start at 50 mph.

Here's a spec rundown for both vehicles (note: actual HP figures for modded Supra are unknown).

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

In the video you'll see that the Supra doesn't stand a chance from a standstill start. It's no contest as the AWD Tesla blows it aways. From a 50 mph roll though, the Supra fares far better. It quickly catches the Tesla, which gets the initial jump and then accelerates out into the distance in no time.

Video description:

"Watch one of the most advanced and quickest cars on the road, the Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous take on an old school import from Japan with 1,000 HP, a single turbo Toyota Supra."

*InsideEVs does not endorse nor support the act of street racing. It's highly illegal and extremely dangerous. Racing should be performed only on a track.

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