Tesla Model S and Model X At Tesla's Fremont factory showroom

Tesla Model S and Model X At Tesla's Fremont factory showroom

The American Automobile Association, perhaps better known as AAA, chose the Tesla Model X and Model S for three of seven 2017 Green Car top awards.

The Tesla Model X 75D earned the top spot in AAA's 2017 Green Car Guide, as the best overall green vehicle. The Model S 60 (which is now discontinued) took the 5th spot. The Chevrolet Bolt, the only other long-range fully-electric vehicle on the list, came in third.

AAA Automotive Engineering director Greg Brannon shared:

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

“Tesla — a standout in AAA’s evaluations — has helped widen the appeal of electric vehicles by showing they can be stylish, performance-focused and filled with cutting-edge technology.”

AAA scored a plethora of hybrids, EVs, alt-fuel vehicles, and efficient ICE cars for the Green Car Guide. The cars aren't just chosen for their lack of carbon footprint. All 65 vehicles receive numerical scores in 13 categories including emissions, fuel economy, crashworthiness, roominess, ease of entry and exit, ride quality, interior noise, cargo capacity, acceleration, handling, maneuverability, and visibility.

Aside from having two cars in the top five, Tesla landed three of seven top awards. The Tesla Model S 60 was deemed the best large car. The Model X was also awarded as the Best SUV, along with topping the list as the Best Overall Electric Vehicle. Brannon concluded:

“With their lower ownership costs and compatibility with emerging autonomous technologies, electric vehicles are poised to be a key vehicle of the future."

As a secondary part of AAA's efforts, a survey was administered, related to EVs. The results were revealed alongside the 2017 Green Car Guide.

Survey Takeaways:

  • Millennials are most interested in EVs (18 percent)
  • Low gas prices are not impacting EV adoption negatively
  • Tesla is substantially impacting positive public perception of EVs
  • Fuel efficiency is a major consideration for buyers
  • 70 percent ranked fuel efficiency equal to cost, crash ratings, and performance
  • 30 million Americans are considering an EV purchase as their next vehicle
Source: Teslarati, AAA

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