Volkswagen I.D. Crozz

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz

Diess: "We have abilities Tesla doesn't have."

Those are the words of Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess who believes that despite Tesla's head start in the electric car segment, VW will be able to "stop" Tesla.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

Quoting Diess:

"We see Volkswagen as the company that can stop Tesla, because we have abilities Tesla doesn't have today."

And those abilities are? Diess says that Volkswagen has unmatched global scale and manufacturing expertise, a disputable comment for sure. But yes, VW does have advantages over Tesla is both of these areas. In terms of manufacturing capability, VW Group produces more vehicles in 2 days than Tesla did in all of 2016.

In an interview in Frankfurt, Diess stated that the automakers future goal is to become number one in the electric vehicle segment with an intense focus on making mass market EVs at affordable prices. This is no doubt driven by the Dieselgate scandal and VW's failed diesel program.

Volkswagen I.D. - Coming in 2020, apparently with 600km (373 miles) of range*

Volkswagen I.D. - Coming in 2020, apparently with 600km (373 miles) of range*

Automotive News adds:

"In recent weeks, Diess said, VW has signed off on the final design of the electric I.D. lineup's first model, a hatchback similar to the marque's best-selling Golf. The car, dubbed the Neo, will be targeted at the European market, priced along the lines of the Golf's diesel version, and have a range of as much as 600 kilometers (370 miles) on a full battery."

"By 2023, the subbrand will add the Crozz compact crossover for worldwide sale including in China, VW's largest market, as well as the Lounge, a more spacious SUV with a longer wheelbase than the Crozz to appeal to American consumers. A sporty four-door sedan, the Aero-e, will compete with Tesla's Model S."

Virtually all of the future EVs promised by VW are of the long-range variety (200-plus miles).

It'll take some time for VW to get all its EV eggs lined up, but Diess is aware of this and says VW is ready to take on those challenges:

"We have to watch out, because we have a lot of work in front of us and the challenges that lie ahead are enormous."

Challenge number one seems to be figuring out how to stop Tesla dead in its track. Enormous may may be too slight a word for describing that challenge.

Source: Automotive News

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