Gloss Black Dissappears

Gloss Black Dissappears

It sure is flashy, but gloss black scratches so easily that you'll likely despise those shiny seats in your Tesla Model X in no time.

Tesla has discontinued glossy black as a seat back option for the Model X. The automaker didn't say why gloss black is now gone, but we can guess it was due to numerous scratch complaints coming in over time. Fingerprints were a problem too.

Lots of Model X owners opted to get the back of their X seats wrapped to keep them in pristine condition, but that can be a bit pricey and it's more of a band-aid than a fix.

In steps Tesla to discontinue glossy black and only offer a matte finish.

Teslarati cites Yinn from the Tesla Motors Club forum for  best "describing the differences between the old glossy-back seats versus the newest matte black seat backs."

Here's Yinn's post:

Matte vs Gloss:

We have the Matte in our S, and the Gloss in our X, so I feel like I can give a good summary and comparison.

– Our matte is scratched up severely and shows the grooves and looks horrendous. – Our matte feels less fragile and more durable, resulting in us treating them with less care – most likely resulting in the above. – The matte backs feel less slippery with no noticeable effect on….anything.

– Our gloss has fingerprints and footprints all over it and looks horrendous. – Our gloss feels more fragile and less durable, resulting in us treating them with the utmost care to prevent scratching – most likely resulting in the lack of scratches.

– The gloss backs feel more slippery with no noticeable effect on…..anything.

Source: Teslarati

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