Getting paid to bike ride to work! Sign us up!

With parking for only 4,500 vehicles, but employing some 6,000 workers, Tesla's headquarters in Palo Alto, California has a overcrowded lot situation.

To remedy this, Tesla is offering cash to employees who ride bicycles to work, carpool, take shuttles or use public transit.

The dollar figure for finding an alternative mode of transportation to and from work is unknown, but it must be lucrative enough to entice workers to find a new mode of transport, otherwise they'd just continue to drive.

As Bicycling reports:

"The problem has become so significant that a dedicated Instagram account—@TeslaParkingLot—has popped up to feature some of the company's most ridiculous parking situations. Imagine trying to get out of the lot at the end of a workday when cars are lined up like this."

Wouldn't you rather hop on your bicycle and ride the 5, 10, even 20-plus miles back home rather than wait in the traffic jam that consumes the parking lot?

Source: Bicycling

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