Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla electric drive units are getting an unadvertised upgrade that could potentially make them ‘last forever’.

About those performance upgrades to the Tesla Model S and X that we mentioned last week … Not only will Tesla’s vehicles see the impressive boost in range and power, but also the system updates should move toward making the electric drive system last even longer.

We already knew that Tesla CEO Elon Musk was working toward making Tesla powertrains last a million miles. It’s not a hard concept to consider, since the systems that power electric cars is super-simple in comparison to the significant complexity of an ICE powertrain.

Sure, like anything else that’s battery-operated, the battery will eventually need replacing, but not for a very long time. But, the motor itself could potentially last well beyond the lifespan of the car, or any human on the planet. It’s honestly infinitesimal.

Consider that old electric box fan than you inherited from your grandparents, and has been running nearly 24/7 at the cottage for some hundred years, or any variety of electric antique toys. Battery-powered electric products tend to stick around, often past their human operators.

Tesla’s recent update provides not only software improvements, which are ongoing for the electric automaker, but also hardware improvements. These upgrades are to the electric motors, inverter, and battery pack.

Thanks to Electrek, we just found out about another upgrade. It seems the automaker is also utilizing a new rear electric drive unit. Electrek was able to gather this information by noticing that the parts number for Tesla’s rear-wheel drive motor changed recently. The publication said that Tesla was not willing to confirm any details, aside from the fact that this is only happening on newly manufactured vehicles.

While we have no way of knowing for sure, we can speculate that these improvements are parallel with the technology that is being used in the upcoming Tesla Model 3. Why not put the new tech in the current vehicle lineup? It only makes sense that if Tesla’s engineers discovered better, more efficient, more powerful, more cost-effective, longer-lasting builds amidst Model 3 development, that those should make their way into any vehicles that come off the assembly line from this point forward.

Awhile back, Tesla disclosed that it would be building electric drive components for the Model 3 at the Gigafactory. In the past, not all of the parts in Tesla’s drive units were manufactured in-house. It seems that maybe the Model 3 is causing a welcome shift in this practice, which will benefit the automaker’s current and future lineups.

Source: Electrek

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