Teslanomics by Ben Sullins recently took some time to analyze Maarten Steinbuch's Tesla Model S battery degradation data, and then upgrade it with an interactive graph that shows the percentage of battery capacity in relation to mileage, charge cycles and a car's age.

One of the handy options also enables the ability compare results from particular regions.

As it turns out, some models noted a great 93% capacity retention after 220,000 miles. There were also some worse scenarios like a 85% result after just over 32,000 miles, but in general most are around 95%, which is very positive.

Teslanomics encourages others to join the research and add their own data to build a more comprehensive data sheet.

What is the Lifespan of a Tesla Battery and How Long Will it Last?

Tesla Model S and Panasonic lithium-ion battery cell

Tesla Model S and Panasonic lithium-ion battery cell

Haters love to claim that the Tesla car batteries, the ones that power the car, will only last 2 years or less.

Well, now we have some data coming from actual owners and their experiences.

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source: Teslarati

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