The latest entry into Tesla's fan made commercial contest, otherwise dubbed by the company as "Project Loveday", has taken a turn to the more smusing side of things.

The major questions being:

Can Tesla compete with a new zero emission competitor in the space? One that offers keyless entry, 400 watts of solar panels on the roof...and a price some $35,000 less than the expected starting price of a base Tesla Model 3?

Video Details (via YT/Stereokroma):

This is a collaborative entry for the Project Loveday contest sponsored by Tesla Motors.

See details about the contest here:

The electric vehicle Mo is selling is actually a real fully funtional electric car that he modified. It would charge during a sunny day, and he would be able to get about 14 KM of usable mileage out of it. Good enough to get to and from work!

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