When life gives you lemons, you seek out the automaker for a buyback.

That's the case here with this problem-plagued Chevrolet Bolt that's been in and out of the shop since day one basically.

Lemon laws vary state-to-state, but in general they allow for "forced" or  "voluntary" buybacks of problem cars after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts are made to fix an issue. The other course of action would be a lawsuit in court, but typically automakers step up and go the buyback route.

That's what General Motors is reportedly doing in this case.

Video description:

"This is our saga with our new Chevy Bolt EV. Hopefully your experience will differ greatly. I think we got a rare lemon. I will be calling GM on Monday to see what they will do for us. I will give them a chance to make it right before going to Lemon Law Arbitration, which is the law here in California. I'm sure GM will stand behind their product."

And sure enough, just a couple of days later, the video uploader and owner of the problematic Bolt, stated:

"Yep. GM is buying back our original defective Bolt and we're getting a new one -- hopefully defect free."

"GM has been awesome as has the service and sales department at Quality Chevrolet in Escondido. The service department contacted GM on my behalf and I'm getting a full refund for money spent on the car. The dealership gave me a better deal than I had before on a new one. Super Kudos to GM and Quality Chevrolet. A class act all around."

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