What happens when you render a Tesla Model X to resemble a Formula E race car?

Well, if you're Prokop Design, the result is what's seen above (and check out the video below). It ain't pretty and aside from the Tesla front end, we're not so sure much of the Model X still exists in the render, but there you have it....a special Fast X concept that marries the Model X and Formula E.

Video (see below) description:

Heeey, everybody. OKEY! I want to apologize for long absence, sorry really sorry, I was very busy last week.

SO now is a very important moment in history on my channel, today I change a name this YT channel. Since today I will be name like a Prokop Design.

And today I made a Special concept called FAST X, original car is Tesla Model X like a Electric formula.

Here's video of the rendering process:

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