With the Tesla Model 3 due to arrive in just about 4 weeks, and the Model Y compact utility in ~2019, the last thing on CEO Elon Musk's mind right now is to start promoting the 2nd generation of Roadster.

For Tesla, that is what the Internet is for.

Enter Vinícius Buch, who has put his vision, and considerable rendering skills, to work on Tesla's still "some year's away" Roadster.

Does Buch's design hold true to the "Tesla design look" of today?

No, about the only thing the Roadster Y has in common with the yet to be fully-revealed Tesla Model Y, is the lack of side mirrors.

Still, its gets us in the mood to imagine what Tesla might roll out for us to ogle in ~2021.  As we know the next generation Roadster will have a convertible top, and likely a 0-60 mph time of about 2 seconds.

Only thing we could really do without for sure?  That rear charge port location - a total non-starter for us. Otherwise, a nice distraction in our day by Vinícius Buch.

Gallery (below):  More Tesla Roadster Y renders by Buch

Images via Vinícius Buch

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