Just a couple of weeks ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted the first video of a Model 3 "release candidate" on public roads.

The low-quality video didn't provide us with a clear look at the 3 though, so it wasn't easy to see the changes made to the electric Tesla from prototype to "release candidate."

Now, there are two new videos (above and directly below) of what appears to be the same "release candidate" Model 3 out on public roads again.

Video might be a bit of a stretch here as what you're actually watching is burst mode photos strung together to appear video-like.

Some takeaways from this latest video include that there are 10 Autopilot cameras on the car and that the headlights have an odd opaque appearance.

Teslarati believes that this may not be the same car shown by Musk due to poor panel gaps and the aforementioned foggy headlights. It's not clear to us one way or the other if this is the same car shown by Musk though.

Perhaps your eagle eyes can spot some differences between the 3 above and the one below from Musk?

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