File this under the now you know category.

This little nougat of Model 3 information flew under our radar until now, but regardless we still think it's something potential 3 buyers need to know.

According to a source, the Tesla Model 3 will be equipped with a 48-amp onboard charger.

This is below the the 72-amp onboard charger found in the 100 kWh versions of the Model S, but given that the 3 will come with smaller battery pack choices, 48 amps should suffice.

With this charger, the Model 3 should have a theoretical maximum charge rate of ~ 11.5 kW on a 240-volt setup.

At 48 amps, the Model 3 won't be able to pull the full amount of juice that the Tesla HPWC is capable of cranking out. The HPWC is rated at up to 80 amps. This means that if you don't already own the Tesla Wall Connector, then you won't necessarily need to spring for it, as a lesser amperage (and generally cheaper) unit will suffice.

For example, ClipperCreek offers the 48-amp HCS-60 for $899 here. Or you can get the $550 Tesla Wall Connector here. It can supply 48 amps or more. Or maybe you've already got a charger that's rated 48 amps or close enough to it to get you by for now.

We'll surely find out more Model 3 details in the days leading up to the big reveal on July 28. Stay with us for real-time coverage straight from the grand event.

Source: Model 3 Owners Club On Twitter

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