In a recent, rather candid interview with Autocar, Shiro Nakamura, Nissan's chief designer of 17 years, but now retired, made some electric car-related comments.

Nissan Rogue Next Candidate For Electrification?

Nissan Rogue Next Candidate For Electrification?

For background, we should note that Nakamura is indeed responsible for the Nissan LEAF's design.

When asked:

Will Nissan ever make a city car again?

Nakamura responded:

“City cars are not easy. If we could bring a Japanese kei car here it would be nice, but we can’t do that! A kei car could be a great city car. In the future, a city car could be a small EV.”

But the bigger revelation came when Nakamura was asked this question:

Can we expect more electric models in addition to the Leaf?

His response?

“There will be many types of EVs in the future. The Leaf is a model, not a brand. As for other electric models, yes – a saloon, an SUV, but a sports car is difficult. EVs are not only for Nissan, but also for Infiniti. A new Leaf is coming, followed by some other body type.”

As for the next generation of LEAF, Nissan has confirmed it will debut this September and go on sale shortly thereafter.

And our guess on that "other body type?" A crossover seems most likely to us. Perhaps an electric Rogue?

Source: Autocar

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