According to a new study conducted by Navigant Research, Ford is #1 in the autonomous car race, followed by General Motors in the 2 spot.

This is an odd result, as we've yet to see autonomous Fords in volume on public roads, but apparently there's a lot of behind-the-scenes work being done at the Dearborn-based automaker.

Ever more surprisingly, Tesla didn't even make the top ten cut.

As Tech Crunch explains:

"The annual survey looked at 18 different companies, smeared across 10 different criteria, ranging from strategy, to core tech development, to manufacturing capability and staying power..."

Here's the autonomous leaderboard graphic from Navigant:

Autonomous Leaderboard Graphic Via Navigant

Autonomous Leaderboard Graphic Via Navigant

And here's the top ten list:

1. Ford 2. GM 3. Renault-Nissan Alliance 4. Daimler 5. Volkswagen Group 6. BMW 7. Waymo 7. Volvo/Autoliv/Zenuity 9. Delphi 10. Hyundai Motor Group

Source: Navigant via Tech Crunch

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