"Towing a big caravan around the country with an electric SUV is now a reality."

States the folks over at Australia's Motoring.com website.

We've seen the Model X tow before and have even posted some highly detailed towing graphics that show energy consumption with various trailers, but this Motoring video and accompanying article probably provides us with the most detailed look/review at what it's like to tow with the X in the real world.

Motoring states:

In order to conduct what is most likely the first tow test of a Tesla Model X in Australia, we travelled to Adelaide’s Camperagent caravan dealership where director John Munro has just taken delivery of not only one of the first Model X Teslas in the country but also one of the first with the optional $1150 towing package.

It’s an entry-level 75D with a 75kWh battery powering dual motors, one for each axle to deliver all-wheel drive traction.

The X tows a 1,900 kg caravan and does so with ease. The only issues is that the X's trailer connector fails to operate the LED brake and turn signal lights on the trailer. Munro reached out to Tesla. The automaker says it's working on a fix for this problem.

There were no other hiccups or issues encountered while towing with the X.

Motoring sees a future where the trailer is fitted with solar panels and it charges the electric vehicle while parked and in motion. Imagine that!

Source: Motoring

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