Tritium Veefil fast charger

Tritium Veefil fast charger

Tritium recently won a big tender of supplying 52 custom-built Veefil DC fast chargers for Stomnetz Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany.

The project is especially interesting because the chargers need to be installed fairly quickly (which is not typically the case), with a deadline of four months from now - by October of this year).

The chargers are all to be 50 kW CHAdeMO & CCS Combo equipped, with an additional 11 kW AC Type 2 output.

Paul Sernia, Tritium’s Commercial Director said:

“Stromnetz Hamburg is committed to growing its electric mobility network and wanted a fast charger that would function in its inner city environments.

The company was attracted to Tritium’s unique liquid-cooled technology that reduces maintenance and increases the unit’s life expectancy, but equally important was our ability to produce a unit that could directly connect to the grid whist still maintaining a footprint that is much smaller than any other comparable charger.

We worked closely with Stromnetz Hamburg on the project to develop a compliant charger that also met all their functional requirements. In the narrow streets of Germany’s older city centres, the Veefil-UT can be installed on a standard pedestrian walkway without obstructing pedestrian traffic, pushchairs or wheelchairs etc.”

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