With state of charge at around 30% and a listed range of 95 miles, we can draw some conclusions, which may or may not be accurate.

Or we can leave it to Tesla Model 3 Owners Club to draw conclusions for us:

"Careful scrutiny of the high res image indicates 271 miles / 436km of range on whatever battery pack this car has. We think it's the 70-75kWh pack."

That's one take, but of course the readout is open to interpretation.

Logically, we can assume that range will be in the 260-300 mile ballpark, but it's hard to put a more accurate guess on the actual figure.

You'll find the original version of the image of the Model 3 interface while charging here.

Check it out then check back in with us to drop your Model 3 range guess in Comments below.

Video (below): Model 3 Owners Club discussing new Model 3 images and range speculation (from around the 7:30 mark)

Source: Tesla Model 3 Owners Club On Facebook, Reddit

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