If you ever wondered what impact electrification has on the automotive industry, here is the US DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy report on auto sector jobs.

As it turns out, 11% of all motor vehicle jobs falls on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, while the majority (82%) still belongs to gasoline and diesel vehicles.

The Tesla Fremont Factory

The Tesla Fremont Factory

For us, the interesting part of the report is that plug-ins already take up roughly 4% of the total (as of 2016).

  • BEVs (2%): 35,800 jobs in motor vehicles and 6,200 jobs in component part
  • PHEVs (2%): 35,100 jobs in motor vehicles and 9,300 jobs in component part
  • FCV (<1%): 16,200 jobs in motor vehicles and 500 jobs in component part
Also interesting is the high number of jobs associated with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles compared to their fairly weak sales results to date.

Another conclusion to be drawn, is that plug-ins are approaching conventional hybrids (5%) when it comes to workforce utilization.

"Of the 2.3 million jobs supported by the motor vehicles and component parts industry for the first quarter of 2016, 11% were related to alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. The majority of employment (82%) was related to gasoline and diesel vehicles, while 7% was classified as "other." For most of the vehicle types, employment was higher for motor vehicles than for component parts, but for natural gas vehicles and the "other" category, employment was higher in component parts.

Note: Does not include employees that are involved in the transport of motor vehicles."

source: energy.gov

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