Bjørn and friends take the Chevrolet Bolt on a long scenic journey throughout South Korea. The trip covers quite a bit of elevation, and driving happens day and night, through towns and the countryside.

Bjørn Nyland with the Chevrolet Bolt

Bjørn Nyland with the Chevrolet Bolt

Like many of Nyland's videos, this is a long one. They film for nearly an hour, so you get lots of information. Essentially, Nyland and the driver talk at length about the vehicle, and its design and features. The video really becomes a lengthy and insightful Chevrolet Bolt review. They push the car to the limits in terms of range. As they near the end of their trip, the car is indicating that they are going to run out of battery. Although, some regenerative braking helps them out.

In the end, they hit a whopping 470 km (292 miles). Nyland explains that they weren't traveling really fast, and it is warm there, so no heat was needed. So, his estimate is about 400-450 km at a minimum. He also says that these conditions were not perfect in terms of roads, elevation, weather, etc. Nyland believes that if the trip were to have taken place somewhere like Denmark, in perfect conditions, the Chevrolet Bolt may have fared even better.

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

During our stay in South Korea, we took a road trip from Seoul to Jeju in a Chevrolet Bolt EV. The challenge was to see how far we could drive in a single charge. I will make another road trip video once the European version (Opel Ampera-e) comes out.

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