Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants its to be crystal clear to potential 100 kWh buyers that the battery tech in those Model S & X EVs won't change.

There will be no transition to the 2170 cell and no cell chemistry changes for the high-level S or X.

Musk was asked by a potential Tesla Model S P100D buyer whether or not he should wait for the newest battery tech. Musk response was very straightforward:

musk tweet

This would indicate that there's no battery update coming for the 100 kWh versions of the Model S or X in the foreseeable future.

However, Musk's comment doesn't rule out battery tech updates for lower level versions of the S or X.

Interestingly, his comment once again seems to downsell the Model 3 too:

"Model 3 pack is about cost reduction, not performance."

To recap, if you're eyeing a 100-kWh Model S or X, but are concerned that battery tech will advance in these vehicles in the near future, worry not. No changes are planned. Go ahead and buy now. And if you're looking for performance, buy the S or X, not the 3. The 3s virtue is price.

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