Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X

Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X

Stanley Chlebowski, owner of Maumee Assembly and Stamping in Ohio, took delivery of 21 Tesla Model S sedans, and is awaiting the arrival of 2 Model X's. He purchased the vehicles as company cars (something Tesla is now pushing via its corporate/fleet sales website), partly because of his love for the vehicles, but also in an attempt to woo the Silicon Valley electric automaker.

Stanley shared:

“The more we dug into these Teslas, the more I liked them. Yes, they’re expensive. You might as well figure the range of $85,000 to $135,000, maybe even a little more. But I wanted to get their attention.”

<a href=Interestingly enough, Tesla Just launched a Corporate/Fleet Sales Site for the S & X" draggable="false">

Interestingly enough, Tesla Just launched a Corporate/Fleet Sales Site for the S & X

Stanley acquired the Maumee facility back in 2010, after it had closed due to multiple troubles. He had twelve employees, making catalytic converters at the time. Now, he has about 210 employees, manufacturing a multitude of parts for several companies, and the plant makes parts for Tesla. Employees at the facility anticipate 25 percent growth this year, mostly due to its involvement with the electric automaker.

Maumee Assembly & Stamping currently makes aluminum C-pillars for the Tesla Model X and battery racks for the Gigafactory. Stanley is also working on a contract, through a utility company that he also owns, to install Tesla charging stations. He hopes that his companies will get a contract for the upcoming Model 3. He explained:

“We’re not a dealer — Tesla doesn’t have dealers — but we enjoy working with them. They are very good to work with, and it’s the jet age. This is the future.”

“I’ve gotta support them. I think they’re excited about this. I know my employees that are going to be driving these cars are excited about this.”

While Tesla performs all of its manufacturing out west, many of its suppliers come from the Midwest region. Stanley said:

“When you get into manufacturing, especially tool-and-die and industrial electricians, they ain’t out west. They’re not there. The auto industry is here."

The Teslas that Stanley purchased will be used as company cars for the top executives at his three companies: Maumee Assembly, U.S. Utility Contractor Co., and Reliance Rental & Leasing Co. However, he is keeping 8 of them aside to function as lease-to-own vehicles for his rental company.

Source: The Blade

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