Tesla Model 3 first deliveries confirmed for July

Tesla Model 3 first deliveries confirmed for July

Several thousand Tesla Model 3s are expected to be ready for delivery by the end of July.

Tesla Model 3

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That's according to an inside source that's been accurate several times in the past.

Model 3 Owners Club reports:

"July is going to surprise a lot of people and especially Wall Street, as the production line is just about ready and will start production ASAP so that several THOUSAND Model 3s are produced and stockpiled for deliveries at the end of July."

"This confirms what the source relayed to me back in February, namely keeping configs simple so they could make preconfigured cars instead of relying on custom configs. Later on when production ramps up in the 4th quarter more options could be added to the mix."

We knew deliveries would begin in July, but the "several thousand" statement is new to us.

However, it's still believed that Tesla will likely host a ceremonial handover of just a few Model 3s to certain individuals prior to starting delivery of these thousands of EVs.

Source: Model 3 Owners Club

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