Here is another approach to the lamp post charging station by Ubitricity, which was founded in Germany and now looks to tap into the British market.

According to Ubitricity, the cost of the charging station inside the lamp post is only a fraction of installing a whole new charging point.

However we should note that there is a need for a special EVSE cable (that locks at both ends while the vehicle is charging) for use with the stations.

Better still, with new LED lights being installed in today's lamp posts, that leaves additional power to be re-directed for EV charging.

"The simple and very commonplace lamp post will soon become a ubiquitous charge point for electric cars. They charge at about 5 kW, or 16 amps, not super fast but overnight charging is all most drivers need.

Ubitricity is a German based company who've come up with a simple, cheap to install and well managed system for more people on more streets to adopt electric cars."

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