The new 2018 Nissan LEAF is going to need more than the standard 50 kW DC fast chargers of today can offer the outgoing model.

And while we have yet to hear any specs of significance on the new LEAF (other than some spyshot of mules out testing, and a quick teaser from Nissan), we can say that French charging infrastructure provider DBT has signed a new contract with Nissan Europe to introduce and install the next generation of 150 kW fast chargers for the new LEAF throughout Europe.

DBT charging station

DBT charging station

Does this mean the new LEAF will be charging at 150 kW out of the box?  We hardly think so.  But it does indicate the new LEAF's DCFC abilities will be much improved.

Since 2013, DBT has delivered and maintained 2,100 fast chargers in 36 European countries in partnership with Nissan Europe.

The new contract covers new units, but is mainly about upgrading the entire current fleet of DC fast charging stations to 150 kW.

"DBT will evolve the first models of fast chargers installed over the past four years, and adapt their performance to increasing power requirements, in line with a range of 300 to 400km (186-249 miles) per vehicle, in about fifteen minutes of charge" says DBT.

New DBT chargers dubbed QCNG 50/150 (NG150 series - see full details here) are equipped with CHAdeMO, CCS Combo and AC Type 2 plugs to handle all kinds of electric vehicles.

First deliveries of the 150 kW units are expected in September - which is also when the new 2018 LEAF debuts in Tokyo - on September 6th (which is the 5th in most other places).  DBT will also keep maintain the chargers for further 4 years.

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