There is more technology in play in Formula E than in just about any other racing series.

And one of the keys to putting a competitive team on the track in Formula E tick, is maximizing the regenerative braking abilities of the all-electric racers.

Watch Marc Priestley take one of the cars and "pull it apart, and see how it works" in this third installment of a six part series.

Video Description:

"Regenerative braking, or regen braking for short, is used in a range of electric vehicles, from trains to Teslas, and our Formula E racing cars are at the cutting edge of this type of energy recovery.

But what is regenerative braking? Put simply, it's a system that harvests energy that would otherwise have been wasted, and replenishes the battery of the car by making use of its forward momentum.

How does regen braking work? In this video former McLaren chief mechanic Marc Priestley talks to engineers and drivers to unpack what's actually going on in this process, and tries it out himself in an all-electric BMW i3."

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