If you ask Watson who is the world's most cautious CEO, the answer you'll receive is Elon Musk. If you ask Watson about the Toyota Prius Prime, you'll receive all sorts of answers, dependent upon what you ask.

Watson Ad Demo

Watson Ad Demo

Toyota is the first automaker to turn to Watson for advertising means.

It's doing so for the Prius Prime, and is using the Weather Channel app and weather.comm as it means for spreading the word.

As Automotive News explains:

"Toyota is the first automaker to deploy Watson Ads, a cognitive ad format that meshes machine learning, natural language understanding and dialogue tools to engage consumers in one-to-one discussions at scale.

IBM Watson can understand user intent, learn and reason to drive conversations, says Monica Fogg, product lead for Watson Ads."

Sarah Ripmaster, The Weather Company's head of auto sales, stated:

"The goal is to expand upon an advertising experience and get into an engaged one-on-one dialogue, so it doesn't feel like it's just an ad. It feels like it's an experience. The brand is giving something back to consumers."

 "Because there is a one-to-one dialogue, the user is able to extract meaningful and actionable information from the brand. The brand can garner a ton of learning from these ad units. When a consumer is asking questions, and the dialogue is happening, all of that is data. The brand can understand what's meaningful and impactful for the consumer and potentially change brand messaging based on that kind of interaction."

What can you ask Watson about the Prius Prime? The better question might be what can't you ask Watson. Watson's artificial intelligence is apparently ready to tackle a whole array of questions, including "how far can I go on a single charge?" Watson is even ready to provide you with info on competing vehicles and to present a list showing the benefits of the Prius Prime.

The Watson ads allow you to type the question of verbally ask it aloud.

Give the Prius Prime Watson ad a try at this TWC Watson link (scroll to bottom of page).

Source: Automotive News

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