Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

How about buying your way to the top of the Tesla Model 3 reservation list?

*Update: Listing is no longer on eBay.

Apparently you can do just that, according to The Drive, and it's likely that as time goes on, this won't be the only opportunity that shows up on auction sites or even social media/forums.

Basically, a Tesla Model S owner is so enamored with his/her car, that he/she is not going to keep the upcoming Model 3 once it's delivered. Keep in mind that Tesla doesn't allow one to transfer their reservation or sell their reservation. But, selling the vehicle once it's officially yours can't be stopped.

Silver Tesla Model 3 Seen With Optional All-Glass Roof

Silver Tesla Model 3 Seen With Optional All-Glass Roof

The auction winner will be able to build the Tesla Model 3 to their own specs using Tesla's Design Studio, which is the company's online configurator (it's not online yet for the Model 3, of course). Once the Model 3 is designed, produced, and delivered, the highest bidder will be able to take ownership of it from the reservation holder.

The auction poster claims that the reservation is an early one, and will only be behind current Tesla owners that provided in-person deposits. Remember, however, that all Tesla and SpaceX employees come ahead of non-employee Tesla owners, and the auction poster's location will also be a factor. But still, if you haven't yet made a reservation yet, or made yours late in the game, this could be appealing.

We can only imagine that more and more people will try to work out deals like this. It won't be a surprise to see some of the early Tesla Model 3 vehicles sold for ridiculous figures. A person could still get back in the queue for a future Model 3, and then use the money to buy a few Model 3's down the road, a Model S or X, some Tesla stock, or any combination of these.

Who knows what will happen, but potential craziness is bound to present itself as the Tesla Model 3 enteres delivery status.

Source: The Drive

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