Teslarati published aerial photos of Tesla Gigafactory 1, obtained from the NM Group (an international company providing asset management services to the utilities industry), which was in the area on March 17.

The battery factory was compared to a small city.

Tesla Gigafactory (source: NM Group via Teslarati)

Tesla Gigafactory (source: NM Group via Teslarati)

New sections seems to be completed, but there is no official description of the particular purposes of each section. Few more are under preparation but not yet at the construction stage.

"The newly completed sections represent a significant portion of the $1 billion in construction costs taking place at Gigafactory 1. We reported last month that building permits issued by Storey County Community Development revealed that Tesla was issued 23 new permits between November, 2016 and February of this year. One particular permit called for a $404 million addendum to Section D and Section E, making it the largest single permit issued to date."

The Gigafactory produces lithium-ion cells and complete energy storage systems (Powerwalls and Powerpacks).

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