Mazda has hinted at an electric model coming in 2019.

European R&D boss Matsuhiro Tanaka said from the scene of the Geneva Motor Show this month that a small EV (sized similar to the Renault ZOE) is under consideration.

Mazda Hazumi

Mazda Hazumi

The Japanese manufacturer thinks that small cars should be the first to be electrified, as larger ones obviously need more battery capacity, and with that - weight is added.

“(A fully electric car) is one of the possibilities we are examining,”

“A small car is best for an EV because bigger vehicles get too heavy with bigger batteries, and that doesn’t make sense for Mazda.”

“If we put in heavy batteries, we need to do the opposite with the total weight. We are going to develop a new material technology in the future .”

More electric models, including plug-in hybrids are expected from 2021.

Mazda is now sourcing its hybrid technology (Mazda 3) from Toyota, so we need to pay close attention to both brands and read between the lines to know where those two EV-reluctant brands are headed.


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