Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

One of Tesla's latest patents focuses on a topic that we had thought was already taken care of...safely charging batteries.

Apparently, Tesla thinks charging can be done more safely with the use of a fault-detection apparatus.

Here's the brief from the patent filing (which contains a wicked run-on sentence):

Methodology for charging batteries safely

“An apparatus and method for identifying a presence of a short circuit in a battery pack.

A fault-detection apparatus for a charging system that rapidly charges a collection of interconnected lithium ion battery cells, the safety system includes a data-acquisition system for receiving a set of data parameters from the collection while the charging system is actively charging the collection; a monitoring system evaluating the set of data parameters to identify a set of anomalous conditions; and a controller comparing the set of anomalous conditions against a set of predetermined profiles indicative of an internal short in one or more cells of the collection, the controller establishing an internal-short state for the collection when the comparing has a predetermined relationship to the set of predetermined profiles.”

Safety is always priority #1, so it makes sense to focus on charging as safely as possible, but with only a few documented incidents with electric vehicle while charging, we had thought a high level of safety had already been achieved.

However, Tesla believes there's room here to increase safety to the next level and we applaud the automaker for its efforts.

Source: Fresh Patents

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