Green Commuter Tesla Model X

Green Commuter Tesla Model X

A Tesla Model X is now a van in the eyes of Green Commuter.

Green Commuter is a vanpooling service that operates in the Los Angeles, California area.

The company just announced that it "begun its vanpool operation in Los Angeles, using Tesla's Model-X 7 passenger SUVs."

Green Commuter states that it has started leasing its "fleet of Tesla Model X electric vehicles to vannpoolers, with a single vanpool between Palmdale and Valencia, and 86-mile round trip daily commute."

Some 10 or so additional Tesla Model X electric vans will be added to the fleet this Spring. 50 to 80 more units will join on by the end of the year.

Additional details, as well as info on rates and how to pre-register for the service, can be found at the Green Commuter website here.

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