ARIES RC channel, that is promoting new technology (specifically new battery technology) in unmanned UAVs, released an interesting video on Tesla's lithium-ion battery (of which they sell on ebay).

The cell (18650 type) was discharged and disassembled to check out what's inside.

Of interest is that while Panasonic of course sells a lot of 18650 cells publicly, the cell originally made with Tesla, is a custom job.

From the seller's listing, it is demonstrated that the Tesla/Panasonic cell retains 95% of its capacity after 500 full cycles, while the traditional Panasonic 18650 has about 75% over the same duty-life (see graphic below).

So as it turns out, batteries from Tesla cars will likely get a lot of future-life applications once they will be removed from cars - UAVs will be one of many.

Tesla battery sell (<a href=ebay/Tesla_Batteries) offered this performance spec/lifespan chart on his listing" draggable="false">

Tesla battery sell (ebay/Tesla_Batteries) offered this performance spec/lifespan chart on his listing

Tesla and Panasonic are now currently producing larger/more dense 2170 cells at the automakers Gigafactory plant in Nevada;  those cells currently supply new PowerPack and Powerwall energy storage solutions, and will also be found in the Tesla Model 3 when it enters production in July.

via Electrek

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