There is quite the scope of auto manufacturers engaged in Formula E electric racing today - from the very large, to the very small: Audi, DS (PSA Group), Faraday Future, Jaguar (with Panasonic battery maker), Mahindra, Next EV (NIO), Renault or the Venturi and more.

Here are few reason why they are interested in the racing series, and what matters most to these manufacturers:

  • raising the brand awareness at a relatively inexpensive cost (as compared to Formula 1)
  • development and testing of electric vehicles/components (racing improves the breed)
  • promoting electric vehicles in cities around the world to increase future interest in EVs (both for commercialization and environmental aspects)

"These days it's rare to find a car manufacturer that isn't rapidly developing their expertise in hybrid and full-electric drivetrains. With electric cars now widely regarded as being key to improving air quality in our cities and aiding in the fight against climate change, we speak to some of the big manufacturers to find out what attracts them to Formula E, and how their involvement will help to develop the cleaner, greener transportation technologies of tomorrow."

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