Bjørn Nyland is on site in Oslo, Norway, behind the scenes at the area's largest EV charging structure, and he's pretty excited to share it with us. What EV aficionado wouldn't be? It is perhaps the largest EV charging facility on the planet.

50 kWh battery at the Oslo, Norway EV charging parking garage.

50 kWh battery at the Oslo, Norway EV charging parking garage.

The multi-story parking garage is home to 100 AC Type 2 chargers and 2 DC fast chargers. Added to this, the EV charging monstrosity has its own dedicated 50 kWh battery and 50 kW inverter. It also supports Vehicle to Grid (V2G), so capable cars can send power back to the grid. Everything is controlled via the EuroPark app.

The Type 2 chargers are mostly of the 3.7 kW variety, but a few have been upgraded to 22 kW. The fuse box contains independent fuses for each unit, and it's set up for simple upgradability, since all hardware is capable of running the 22 kW chargers. The plan is to upgrade all units in the near future. The control room also has plenty of room to add more equipment, including space for a few more batteries.

Nyland says that the battery is in place to assist during peak times, and it helps to deal with spikes, and balance out the load. He also explains that the additional battery space could accommodate used batteries from current EVs. So hypothetically, you could take a LEAF or Tesla battery, or any battery pack, and wire it into the system. It could easily be a battery pack that is larger than 50 kWh.

3.7 kW AC Type 2 chargers

3.7 kW AC Type 2 chargers

The EV charging station is in a prime location, near a grocery store, fitness center, food court, hotel, and stand alone restaurants. The building also has residential space. Nyland shared that the garage offers free EV parking overnight and at non-peak times, and to top it off, charging is free during certain times through 2019!

It comes as no surprise that the largest facility of this kind is in EV-friendly Norway.

Where do you charge? Is there a similarly equipped structure elsewhere? Is anyone aware if there is a larger location that we are unaware of? Please share in the comments section.

Video Description per Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Vulkan parking garage is Norway's largest and most advanced charging site. It features 100 AC Type 2 charging spots and two 50 kW DC with CCS/CHAdeMO. The AC charging stations are mostly 3.7 kW except for a few 22 kW. But later they will all be upgraded to 22 kW where the user can choose power. The whole charging garage has a whopping 800 kW available power.

The charging garage also has a 50 kWh battery pack and 50 kW inverter. This is to even out spikes and balancing phases. It can be expanded later to over 200 kWh. Each charging station also supports Vehichle 2 Grid (V2G) where EVs can send energy back to the grid if the car supports it.

Until the end of 2019, EVs can park and charge for free (3.7 kW) between 17:00 and 09:00 in weekdays and 17:00 and 11:00 in weekends. You need to download the EuroPark app. There is grocery store, gym, restaurant, food court, hotel and park nearby.

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