The teasing is over. Here's the Fisker eMotion in all its glory.

Fisker eMotion

Fisker eMotion

There's no denying that Henrik Fisker's designs are eye-catching, but what you see here is still nothing more than a computer-created image, with lots of fancy words from Fisker.

The Fisker eMotion exists on paper and on the Internet, but ample funding will be required to bring this electric vehicle to production. Fisker does say we'll see this car in the flesh on August 17 of this year at a formal unveiling event, but it may or may not be a functional vehicle on display at that time.

We learn from an additional Tweet from Henrik Fisker that eMotion will not be equipped with the futuristic Graphene and solid-state battery technology, but rather with the more conventional NMC chemistry from "world's leading battery Co." which probably implies LG Chem.

Fisker eMotion

Fisker eMotion

According to Fisker, the 2019 eMotion will be open for pre-orders starting June 30.

The $129,900 eMotion is expensive as heck and, as such, will be a limited production/demand vehicle.

Some additional info:

  • Working prototype to be revealed in mid 2017
  • Delivery timeline announced mid next year
  • Estimated 400 miles of range
  • 161 MPH top speed
  • Carbon fiber and aluminum construction
You'll find some more eMotion details in the press release below.

Fisker Inc. Unveils First Official Teaser Photos of the All-Electric 400 mile-plus EV Range Fisker EMotion

Fisker EMotion to Start at $129,900 With Ultra Large Battery Pack

Los Angeles, CA (June 6, 2017)— Fisker Inc. today released the design specifications and teaser photos of their 2019 production vehicle, the Fisker EMotion. The EMotion delivers an astounding over 400-mile electric range and a top speed of 161 mph.

The new EMotion is a clean sheet design from the inside out, utilizing a carbon fiber and aluminum structure to redefine the proportions of an electric vehicle. The vehicle’s design gives greater consideration than ever before to its passengers’ safety, comfort, and convenience. Fisker’s patented frontal crash structure exceeds current standards to protect all occupants. The cabin features a luxurious, spacious interior with superior rear legroom. Large ultra-light carbon fiber and aluminum wheels, developed in conjunction with Dymag, reduce rotational mass by 40%, further improving electric range.

The Fisker EMotion has been proportioned to accommodate an advanced high-energy density, patent-pending battery pack and cooling system. It can be charged through the vehicle’s proprietary UltraCharger™ technology, charging over 100 miles in nine minutes.

The EMotion seamlessly combines technology into the design of the vehicle. The front end’s bright aluminum centerpiece houses a LIDAR system behind a tinted screen. Side mirrors conceal two cameras, which enable panoramic, 360-degree views to the driver.

The world of racing inspired some of the EMotions more daring elements. Extreme aerodynamics include frontal, side, and rear carbon aero elements, as well as a low hood line surrounded by sculptural front fenders and a tapered green house with large sculptural rear fenders. The side DLO (Daylight Opening) is finished with a signature EMotion double-polished aluminum window molding. The rear end has a dramatic section with thin taillights, and an integrated lower carbon diffuser.

The vehicle will be sold directly through Fisker Inc.’s website and forthcoming experience centers. The EMotion will be serviced through The Hybrid Shop (THS), a joint venture between Fisker Inc. and THS.

Fisker Service will provide its customers with a one-of-a-kind, white glove concierge service, providing Fisker owners a seamless day “free of interruption” for routine maintenance and servicing.

The company will be revealing additional information throughout June 2017. Pre-orders for the vehicle will officially begin June 30th at

Source: Twitter

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