Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt

Another Chevrolet Bolt test drive review in the books...another impressed test driver.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Business Insider had some wheel time in a Bolt recently and walked away thoroughly impressed with GM's first long-range, affordable electric car.

Business Insider states:

"We were impressed with the Bolt, as a car, as an electric car, and as a mobility concept. In many ways, it is GM's post-bankruptcy masterpiece, a real feather in the cap of CEO Mary Barra and her executive team, who took what the company had achieved with its ill-fated EV-1 back in the 1990s and turned it up to 11."

Editor's note:  And yes, we are now required by Internet law to include a video clip (below) in reference to "turned it up to 11" below.

To date, most Bolt reviews have been largely positive. A few gripes seem common though, including uncomfortable seats and a plasticky interior.

By and large though, the overwhelming majority of reviewers are impressed by how the Bolt drives and by how it returns even more range than the rated 238 miles.

Business Insider adds:

"I also flat-out loved driving it. I blasted in and out of New York City twice, rocketed around the streets of Gotham darting through traffic, and cruised along the highways of New Jersey."

"The steering is quick and responsive, and the handling is sharp enough to provide the confidence you need when surfing that sweet EV torque."

On the design front, the Bolt is kind of a dud though:

"Not a single person asked me about the car, and that can be chalked up to the ho-hum design."

The reviewer concludes with a statement rarely tied to 4-door electric cars outside of Teslas and perhaps the BMW i3:

"Plain and simple, the Bolt is fun."

Video (below): As promised, Spinal Tap's "These go to 11"

Source: Business Insider

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