Yesterday, following Tesla's funding announcement, the automaker held an investor-only conference call, which we're just now getting some information flowing in from.

According to an individual on the call, a few of the highlights relate to the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated on the call that the "beta prototype" Model 3s that were being built starting a few weeks ago are actually referred to as "early release candidate" cars. Musk calls these "early release candidates" because they are essentially being built on production tooling and could almost pass for a production car.

A few other notes on these "release candidate" Model 3s via Electric Musk on Reddit:

  • show car -> alpha -> early release candidate
  • "we will be driving it in a week or 2"
  • entire car built with production tooling vs beta tooling, so higher precision.
  • quality of release candidate way better than for S and X
  • body panel gaps much better
In addition, Musk touched on the delivery process for the Model 3. According to Musk, delivery will be streamlined, with the entire process taking no more than 30 minutes. Some deliveries could happen in just 5 minutes.

Additional notes of delivery via Electric Musk on Reddit:

  • may open delivery centers end of year that do not have service
  • instruction videos on how to operate car sent by email
  • delivery could happen in 30 minutes instead of an hour
According to Musk, first Model 3 deliveries are still on track for July of this year. We hope to see the finished Model 3 in early June.

Source: Reddit, Tesla Motors Club Forum

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