Not one, but two Tesla Model 3 EVs are captured in this HD out on the Tesla Fremont test track.

Red or silver? Which do you prefer?

This newly released high-definition video comes to us via Model 3 Owners Club from the recent VIP event at Tesla's Fremont factory.

Though the chain link fence somewhat obscures the view, this video provides us with one of the clearest, most high-def looks at the Model 3s on the test track.

At some points of the video, it feels as though you're within feet of the Model 3 as it loops the track for testing purposes.

Teslarati adds:

"In the video one can see the red Model 3 testing its coil over suspension as it drives over a pair of speed bumps. The silver Model 3 is also spotted performing what appears to be a turning radius test, before taking on a slow speed test on the banked oval."

Source: Model 3 Owners Club via Twitter

via Teslarati