Racing all-electric cars is the rage these days with the Formula E, but there is a lot more than just extreme driving skills needed to get the cars to the finish line.

In part 2 of a six part series, Marc Priestley (armed with a thermal camera) takes us through all the various systems employed by Formula E teams to keep their all-electric racers cool.

Video Description:

Every Formula E team is faced with multiple challenges to overcome in order to succeed on the racetrack. One such obstacle is the fact that these single-seat racers have no built-in fans, forcing the teams to be inventive with how they cool the car’s battery after each session. Presenter Marc Priestley uses an innovative thermal camera to show how hot these cars actually get.

Getting the temperature just right is crucial as there’s a tight operating-temperature window. With regenerative braking only adding to the heat of the battery, the team’s strategy for cooling the race car has to be effective or the temperature will rise too high, likely marking an end to their race.

In the global market, this information is vital to electric vehicle manufacturers when developing vehicles that are safe for the roads.

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