Tesla Design Upgrade has taken a stock Model 3 photo and added some custom bits to it to come up with the Tesla Model 3 P1D.

"Tesla Model 3 P1D Performance and design package with carbon fiber installation. #TeslaDesignUpgrade"

The end results is a sportier looking Model 3, but the chosen name (P1D) is rather odd. Given that Tesla's naming convention is tied to battery capacity, perhaps Tesla Design Upgrade meant Model 3 P100D? Though we already know from Elon Musk that a 100-kWh battery won't fit in the Model 3.

Regardless, it's still a sweet render.

Tesla says the Model 3 will be in production by July and we expect to see the 3 fully revealed in early June.

You can check out more Tesla renders at the Facebook source link below.

Source: Tesla Design Upgrade

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