Tesla Model S 100D

Tesla Model S 100D

Through a few independent sources, we've been able to confirm that deliveries of the two longest range Teslas are no underway in some states.

Two months ago, Tesla announced the opening of ordering for the Model S 100D (EPA estimated range of 335 miles) and the Model X 100D (EPA estimated range of 295 miles).

Order were placed. Deliveries dates were announced and then a hold pattern set in. It seems there was some EPA-related hold-up on both the Model S 100D and Model X 100D, but that hold got released in some states just last week, which should help Tesla 'end of quarter' push to get cars delivered in the US.

Tesla  Model X 100D

Tesla  Model X 100D

We can now report that some buyers have taken delivery of the S 100D and X 100D. Most states appear to still be in a hold pattern until March 28 or so, but deliveries of these two long-range Tesla are indeed occurring now.

Here's a brief write up from one of the first Model S 100D owners on the Tesla Motors Club forum:

"Just picked up my S100D. The first one Kansas City had delivered they said. I let it charge almost all the way up while doing the orientation. It had like 5 or 10 minutes left. It charged to 344 miles. I don't know if it would have ticked one more mile or not."

And here's an emphatic response from one of the early Model X 100D owners:

"Just picked up our MX100D! Fantastic car! Great delivery experience!!"

"We charged our X100D for the first time last night... 301 miles at 100%charge!!"

Source: Tesla Motors Club Forum

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