Our office neighbors are the best! Model 3 driving outside our office alongside the SpaceX Hyperloop test track.

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A Tesla Model 3 has been spotted on a road near SpaceX.

The folks over at Unplugged Performance, a company known for its tuned Teslas, captured some video (see embed above) of this Model 3 out on the road driving.

Unplugged Performance's co-founder, Avi Fischer, told Teslarati that the Model 3 seemed to be conducting some test runs up and down the same road where rides where given in the Model 3 during the reveal in 2016. Quoting Fischer:

“We sometimes test our tuned cars outside of our office, today we were surprised to see our neighbors at Tesla doing the same. This Model 3 was driving back and forth for quite some time, presumably testing."

This silver Model 3 appears to be the same one we've seen multiple times in the past. It's still not the production-intent version of the 3. That version is expected to be revealed on June 2 or so.

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