Tesla Solar Roof In Tuscan Tiling

Tesla Solar Roof In Tuscan Tiling

The Tesla Solar Roof is moving closer to reality.

Despite the fact that Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised Tesla solar roof deployment by this summer, there are still unseen obstacles that must be addressed. One of the most important of which is to get the product certified.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) just certified the Tesla solar roof this past week. UL is a company that works to safety test and certify products on an international scale. It also classifies products along with its coveted seal of approval. The Tesla solar roof earned a 'Class A' rating from UL, which is the certifier's highest honor.

The Tesla Powerwall 2.0 home battery is included with the Tesla Solar Roof application.

The Tesla Powerwall 2.0 home battery is included with the Tesla Solar Roof application.

Musk has asserted that the solar roof will actually cost less than a traditional roof. This, like Tesla's electric cars, is not necessarily true in terms of upfront costs, but money will be saved over the life of the home.

The National Roofing Contractors Association says that a standard roof should last about 20 years. Tesla's solar roof comes with an "infinity" warranty. This is to say that the roof will last for "the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first." Obviously, the infinity part is somewhat of a joke, because your house will not last forever.

The Tesla solar roof will cost more than most competitors, depending on configuration. But, according to PV Magazine, no other rival is offering such a warranty at this time, and the Tesla product comes standard with a Tesla Powerall home battery (valued at around $5,000).

As Tesla moves into its first neighborhoods to begin solar roof installation, the UL certification should prove as a necessary piece of the puzzle, to speed up the local permit process. The fact that the roof is considered 'Class A' surely won't hurt.

Tesla is already taking orders and plans to handle all facets of initial solar roof installation, including removal of the current roof, designs, permits, installation, and maintenance.

Source: PV Magazine

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