Tesla is slowly releasing some new details on the Model 3, including some options that will be offered on the upcoming electric car.

Late last week, after leaking out, Tesla officially released a Model S/Model 3 comparative sheet. Initially, in the "premium features" category, the Model 3 had no listings (see image below):

Model S On Left - Model 3 On Right

Model S On Left - Model 3 On Right

However, sometime yesterday, Tesla updated the comparative sheet to include the Model 3 "features" set seen below:

Model 3 Features Update On Right Column

Model 3 Features Update On Right Column

We've long known that fell self-driving would be available on the 3 and the aluminum/steel construction noted above wamade public way in the past too.

A coil suspension as standard seemed obvious as well, but this may mean that no smart air suspension will be available on the Model 3.

Even the optional glass roof was mentioned way back at the initial Model 3 reveal/launch event, so this is no surprise really. We assume a metal roof is standard, though all of the release candidates we've seen thus far have been fitted with the all glass roof.

18- or 19-inch wheel are okay with us, as we're not keen on the jarring ride quality and reduced range often associated with larger wheels.

The only omission that surprises us is that lack of Tesla's much-touted HEPA filtration system. We would have though Tesla would offer Bioweapon Defense as an option on the Model 3, but perhaps we're wrong.

Nothing listed above would push us away from buying the Model 3, but do you see any make-or-break items or omissions now?

Source: Tesla via Akash Da Sky Patel‎ to TESLA MODEL 3 Owners Club

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