As this 4k video shows, the all-glass roof on the Tesla Model S presents you with a spectacular view, but park the vehicle first before taking in the scenery.

Teslarati notes:

"it’s tinted so dark that it just feels like a regular roof in my peripheral vision while I’m driving. It’s only if you look straight up do you see anything, and mainly only during the daytime.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that the all-glass roof makes the interior feel amazing and we'd have to agree after watching this video. The added glass certainly gives an open, airy feeling to the inside of the S.

It seems as though all initial Model 3 will come with an all-glass roof too, if we're to draw from the various sightings in the wild, that is.

Video description:

"View of the Model S all-glass roof from low in the backseat, with CR20 tint on the back windows."

via Teslarati

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