Production Of 2170 Battery Cells At Gigafactory

Production Of 2170 Battery Cells At Gigafactory

Tesla is investing $216 million into the Gigafactory for Model 3 battery cell production.

As of right now, battery modules for the Model 3 are reportedly hand built by some 150 Gigfactory employees. Sources say it takes close to 10 minutes to finish just one battery module for the Model 3.

Each battery module has 7 sections, so it's clear this is a painfully slow process.

The $216 million investment will fully automate the process and cut down module time from 10 minutes to just 10 seconds, according to reports.

This investment, reportedly announced yesterday in a meeting at the Fremont factory by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, is broken down as follows in exclusive video format by Ben Sullins of Teslanomics.

Spending Breakdown

Spending Breakdown


Here's Teslanomics' exclusive, detailed video on the battery investment:

Video description:

"Currently, the Tesla Model 3 batteries being made at Gigafactory 1 in Reno, NV are manually assembled. Workers carefully remove the battery cells from the boxes and compile them into complete modules which they then later combine into the full car battery. With nearly 75 workers on the assembly line running 24 hours a day (75 emps * 2 shifts = 150 total) they are managing about 20 modules per day. That's is a paltry pace and extremely expensive. So Tesla decided it's time to upgrade."

Separately, Teslarati cites "sources" for the following information:

"Tesla’s automated production line will produce over 4,000 battery modules per day. It’s worth noting that the battery modules being built are “specific to the Model 3” says our source..."

"According to our source, the base Model 3, as of now, will start at 60kWh. This capacity comes in higher than what we original expected and should deliver more range than Tesla had originally announced. Tesla is reportedly concentrating on the production of the premium battery at first, which is slated to be 74kWh."

Tesla just recently put out a Model 3/Model S comparative graphic showing a range of 215+ miles for the Model 3. We'd have to assume the 60 kWh version will check in right around 215 miles then and that the 74 kWh version will be significantly higher.

Source: Teslanomics on YouTube, Teslarati

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