Following a few high-profile Tesla autopilot mishaps, including a crash (see video above), the automaker released a very brief statement to reiterate how the system is intended to function.

As Tom's Guide states:

"When contacted by Tom's Guide, Tesla emphasized that the new hardware and software is still in beta and that users should exercise vigilance. The company also wanted to remind owners that "Autosteer performance may vary during the initial phases of rollout on the new hardware platform."

The AP 2.0 system does seem to struggle in certain situations, like at night with some lane markings and on curvy roads. However, Tesla has said time and again that drivers need to be alert at all times and that autopilot is not intended to take over in all situations.

But the video above that shows the Tesla striking the yellow barrier seems to be a situation that AP could handle, since the barrier is clearly visible, so it strikes us as rather alarming that the car didn't detect and avoid the hazard.


Source: Tom's Guide

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