Tesla's Ultra White seats ($3,300 option on the Model X) are described by the automaker as "being stain resistant, easy to clean and best of all seats during high-volume test drives," but how do they fare in the real world?

To find out, we turn it over to Bjorn Nyland, a Model X with Ultra White seats owner.

Here's his video description, posted after logging 30,000 real-world miles in his X:

"I did a noob mistake by wearing brand new (unwashed) blue jeans in my Model X with ultra white seats.

The result is that there are quite visible blue stains on it. After cleaning it with Autoglym, it was a lot better. But some of the stains are still there."

Bjorn isn't the only one to post a video focused on the Ultra White seats and their durability or lack thereof. Here's a 20,000-mile Ultra White review for comparison.

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